Many Thanks to Sheriff Solomon and Chief Motter for their increased presence at our school. 

We sincerely thank the Sheriff for scheduling time for deputies to be at W-G on a daily basis and to Chief Motter for increased “walk-throughs”.  We greatly appreciate the daily attention to W-G.  So residents know, there are no new issues; the increased presence is part of our new safety/security plan and is normal operating procedure.  We would also like to thank the Sheriff, Chief Deputy, and Chief Motter for attending several board meetings over the past six months and helping identify best practices in school security. The safety of our children is very important to everyone at W-G.

 School Security and the Emergency Management Plan

As many know, we have greatly increased safety and security measures over the past year.  In addition to our comprehensive full day training on March 14, 2014 led by the Sheriff and implemented by 20 dedicated law enforcement officers we have added the lock down system at both entrances, installed high resolution cameras in many locations, and are in process with MARCs Radios, which provides immediate one touch communication directly to all law enforcement and emergency agencies.  Paid for with a grant we applied for from the State of Ohio. 

Principal Winkler worked with all agencies in the county and our comprehensive emergency management plan is on file at both the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. 

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 419-568-9101.