Treasurer Office


Tonia Hovest

phone: 419-568-9100
fax: 419-568-8024

At the July 15, 2013, Board meeting, the Waynesfield-Goshen Board of Education employed me as the Assistant Treasurer, effective July 31, 2013. Upon completion of the requirements for my Treasurer’s license, I became the Treasurer, effective November 18, 2013.

Before becoming the Treasurer for the Waynesfield-Goshen Local School District, I worked for the State of Ohio Auditor’s Office, Local Government Services Division, for almost 14 years (1999-2003 and 2004 – 2013). In this position, I was responsible for preparing the financial statements for cities, counties, and school districts; as well as offering support to villages that were in financial distress.

For a one year period during 2003 – 2004, I held an accounting position at Ohio Northern University. In this position, it was my responsibility to oversee the University’s budget; supervise the accounts payable department; compile monthly financial statements and other reports, as requested; and reconcile accounts.

Other positions I have held include being a Warehouse Secretary for Land O’Lakes, as well as an Accounts Payable Processor and a part of the Mail Room Personnel for Marathon Oil Company. At Land O’Lakes I was responsible for tracking a $4 million inventory; preparing invoices; processing accounts receivable; and maintaining customer accounts. At Marathon Oil Company, I started in the mailroom; sorting and delivering the mail and handling miscellaneous mailings for different departments in the company; then I moved to the accounts payable department where I processed payments to vendors utilizing data entry and also helped to maintain the customer database.

I graduated from the University of Findlay with a Dual Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance.

I am married, and together, we have seven children, as well as three “exchange” children we consider ours!

As the Treasurer, I am responsible for ensuring that the monies entrusted to our School District are used to benefit the students in the best way possible. Some other duties that are required of the Treasurer are:

  • Keep an account of all school funds of the District
  • Perform all duties relating to the monies of the District
  • Keep the minutes for all Board meetings
  • Provide reports in regards to the financial condition of the District to the Board of Education
  • Prepare and file the Five Year Forecast semiannually with the Ohio Department of Education
  • Act as an agent of the Board in all dealings with the county auditor, county treasurer, and all other persons in regards to the funds of the District
  • Manage investments of the District

If you ever have any questions/concerns please contact me at hovestt@wgschools.org or 419-568-9103.

Kendra Chapman
Assistant Treasurer

phone: 419-568-9100
fax: 419-568-8024