Weekly workout for week of April 20 - 

Throwers workouts will come from Coach Schnippel via email. Please check frequently. 



WSJA - Fence Drill - Agilities - Abs/Arms Tallahassee (wide,narrow,walking,marine push ups; crunchies feet up, feet down, scissors, leg lifts)

5 x 100 - 80%
5 x 80 - 80%
Walk back recovery (5 minutes between sets)

Finish up with a hard 300 (40 - 60 sec. of hard running); 6 x 80 meter cool down. 


Long run 35-40 minutes (see how many miles you can get in that time)


Sprinter - Hurdlers - Jumpers

5 minute warm up run - Create your own hurdle mobility workout by going over and under objects or mimicking the routine - Agilities

10 min. high intensity Cardio workout (Ride a bike, swim, shadow box, cut wood, swing a sledge hammer, something to raise your heart rate and make you sweat)

6 x 80 meter cool down; static stretch.


Speed workout: 2x 500-400-300-200-3 min recovery or HR between 120-140 bpm between reps and Full recovery between sets; Increase pace in final 100m!


Sprinters - Hurdlers - Jumpers

WSJA - Fence drill - agilities

2 x 3 x 150

2 x 3 x 250

Cool down 6 x 80; static stretch


Pick which runner you are of the following and run that workout:

3200m runners – 2x 2000m 10 mins recovery;

1600m runners - 2x 1200m 10 mins recovery;

800m runners - 2x 600m 10 mins recovery

**Run each repeat at your 3200, 1600, or 800 race pace (which ever workout you choose)! Make an educated guess on distance if you don’t have it measured out exactly! 


Sprinters - Hurdlers - Jumpers

5 minute jog - Hurdle mobility - Planks and Pops Tallahassee (front, back, side, side, burpees, rocket jumps, split jumps, jet weave) - agilities

Recovery runs - (70%)

6 x 200 walk back
6 x 100 walk back


15minute WU run then 3x 3x 200s (or 30second runs) 2minute rest in between each and 5-6 minutes between sets (You should run 9 200s total)

Friday (Tiger Invitational Night)

Sprinters - Hurdlers - Jumpers

WSJA - Fence drill - Agilities - Jump rope (regular, side to side, front to back, free style)

Run two of your races (if you don't have a distance, sprint for your normal time). If you are a hurdler go attack the hurdles you have and pretend that others are there as you finish the race. You should know your rhythm. Be a three stepper. :)

4 x 100 cool down. 


30 minutes run or cardio cross training (ex. Biking, ultimate frisbee, kickboxing -on YouTube, swimming)

Weekly workout = April 13


Monday - 

Warm up, WSJA, Fence, agilities

2 x 3 x 40m

2 x 50 – 40 – 30

Wrap up timed 200m (30 sec. sprint)


Warm up - Abs and Arms Tallahassee (front, back, side planks/scissors, bike, up crunches, down crunches), agilities

4 x 100

4 x 150

6 x 80 cool downs


Use chart and do a body weight workout spelling out your favorite field event or college team.


Warm up - 

WSJA, Fence, agilities

Ladder day - 450-350-250-150-50 (75 sec, 60 sec., 40 sec., 20 sec., sprint)

6 x 80 cool down


WS  Stretch Tallahassee (crossover ham, hurdle (2), Beales, superman, Eagle, Scorpion, Quad)

4 x 100 x 2 Walk back recovery



Long run 30-35 minutes (How far can you go?)


15 min warm up

900-700-500-300 (2:20 800 pace)sprint last 100 Girls (3:00 800 pace)


25 minute Fartlek

7 minute jog, 30 sec. hard, 1 min. jog, 45 sec hard, 1:30 jog, 1 min. hard, 2 min. jog, 30 sec. hard, 1 min. jog, 45 sec. hard, 1:30 min. jog, 1 min. hard, 8 minute jog. 


15 min. warm up run

2 x 4 x 200 w/2 minutes between and 5 minutes between sets (30-35 sec. runs)


30 minutes of cardio work

Throwers should work on footwork drills and throw any objects that you can find. 

Week of March 30 (Weekly reading is also updated)

Sprints - Hurdles - Jumps

Monday - 8 x 20 meter get ups, 2 x 40-30-20, 2 x 80 finish with a 300 (sprint for 50 seconds if you cannot measure) These all should be full effort. (Hurdlers can exchange hurdle drills and full effort over hurdles for any set above)

Tuesday - See attached chart for exercise workout.

Wednesday - 2 x 150, 2 x 250, 2 x 350 (25 sec., 35 sec., 45 sec.) These should be at 75-80%; (Hurdlers can exchange hurdle drills and full effort over hurdles for one set)

Thursday - See exercise workout

Friday - 20 minute run; finish with 8 x 20 hills (if you have stairs, do 8 sets) (Hurdlers can exchange hurdle drills and full effort over hurdles for 10 minutes of long run)

Sat or Sun. - Exercise workout.

Note on exercise workout - Pick a name that is at least eight letters long, (Can be a combination of two or three names) Follow the chart to do your exercise workout.

Runners -

Monday - Long run 25-30 minutes ( Check mileage)

Tuesday - 5 x 400 or 5 x 1:30 sec. for girls 1:20 for guys 3 min. between.

Wednesday - 25 minute fartlek ( 7 min. jog, 30 sec. hard, 1 min. jog, 45 hard, 1:30 jog, 1 min. hard, 8 min. jog); exercise workout 8 letters.

Thursday - 15 min.. warm up run then 4 x 200 (30 sec.) 2 minutes between

Friday - 30 minute run or cardio cross training.

Saturday or Sunday - Exercise workout - Do a name that is at least 10 letters long. Can be a combination.

Throwers -

Monday - 8 x 20 get ups, 4 x 30, work on form throws and throw. Be creative if you do not have an implement. You can use your form and put or throw almost any similar shaped object.

Tuesday - Exercise workout - 10 letters of your full name.

Wednesday - 6 x 15 and 4 x 20 then throw

Thursday - Exercise workout - 12 letters of name. Make up a name.

Friday - Warm up and throw.

Sat. or Sun. - Exercise workout using your favorite movie or food name that is at least 12 letters.

All workouts should be preceded by at least twenty minutes of warm up exercises. We have taught you many. You can vary your warm up routine to fit your needs and keep from getting bored. These workouts are guidelines. You may do all or part or adjust to fit your needs. Please be active and maintain social distancing for your protection and those around you. If you have equipment that allows you to do other types of exercises (i.e. - bike, treadmill, weight bench, etc.) Please incorporate them into your workouts. The exercise routine can be adjusted to add things like bench, curls, ab rollers (Alivia :) ) and other exercises.  Go Tigers!!!!!!!!

March 16

Due to the mandatory no contact period put into place by the OHSAA and our State Government, we as a coaching staff can have no contact with our athletes. This includes suggesting workouts and creating "home workouts." We still love you and are thinking of you and your families. We are hoping and praying that this event will run its course and we will come back to normalcy soon. In the meantime, follow the directions given to you by our governmental leaders and keep our loved ones safe. If you are really chomping at the bit, youtube and coachtube are great resources :). Learn something new and how to separate good information from bad information just as we do in the classroom when evaluating sources. Please do not get together in groups as this period continues. It will only increase the risk of the further spread of this contagion.

WG Track and Field Coaching Staff 

March 11 - 2020

"Life is a journey not a destination. Enjoy the journey."

Forecast - 47 feels like 43. Dress Warmly (hat and gloves are recommended)

3:19 - Walk, Dynamic, Jog, Accelerate to 80 meter line.

Hurdle mobility

Static stretch captains - short session with some information given by Coach Epp


Girls WR/ Boys - Event session HJ - Coach Epp, Runners/ sprinters Coach Hennon - open handoffs baton work, starts, drills and long runs. Coach Schnippel - Throws.

Hurdlers can get work from Coach Epp.

We will improve through our work ethic. Do the little things to be great at big things from the weekly reading.

Go Tigers 

March 10 - 2020 - Weekly reading is now back. :) Please read article posted on links. 

"You will always be judged by what you finish, not what you start."

Forecast - Upper 40s, 11mph winds, feels like 42 (Dress warmly)

Workout day

Warm up (counter clockwise) - WDJA and 1 easy lap
Coach Hennon agilities
Guys weight room/Girls workout first

S-H-J - Coach Holbrook - 3 x 150; 3 min. recovery - 3 x 80 walk back recovery (80%) 5 min. between 150s and 80s. 

Runners - Coach Hennon - 600-400-200; 2 min. recovery - 2nd set adjusted based upon group. 

Throws - Coach Schnippel - TBA

Warriors embrace hard work. They love the discipline of it, the trade-off they are making for success. Victims, on the other hand, see it as punishment. That's the difference between those who succeed and those who are jealous.

We, as a staff, were excited about how last night went. I was most proud of the first impression that our Coach Holbrook was given. You never have a second chance to make a first impression and it is important. Good Work.

Weight room work was awesome. We will continue today. The plan is to go outside today for practice. I will send notification if that changes.

Here is workout today.

3-3-2020 - Windy and 50 degrees. Please dress warmly enough that you are comfortable. Practice begins at 3:17.

Walk 100, Dynamic 100, Jog 100, Gentle Acceleration 100 followed by 100 cruise. Fence stretch along homestretch. (please go to the finish line and work your way back along the fence)

Hurdle Mobility

Agilities - Coach Hennon

3:40 - Guys Weight room on jog down south drive and enter through/Girls 4 x 2 x 2 (cruise pace)

4:10 - Switch roles.

4:45 - Practice should be done.

Please do a static stretch with your group at the conclusion of practice. 

March 5 - 2020

Great event cycle last night. It was awesome to get to work with individuals and see our athletes work on techniques. Keep trusting the process. Tonight is a general exercise night and we will set up our cycle for next week. 

"R.E.P.S - Repitition Elevates Personal Skills"

"Trust the Process"

Today's workout - 

Forecast - 51 degrees; 13 MPH wind SSW and Sunny. This will be a good workout day. 

Walk, Dynamic, Jog, Accel (Go counter clockwise today). 
Hurdle Mobility
Agilities (Module 2)
Guys WR; Girls 3 min. x 3 with 3 min. rest between. 3 x 80 cool downs

Great work last night. Tonight we get into some event specific drills after the warm up. Coach Lament will take hurdles, Coach Holbrook will take Long jump, Coach Schnip will take throws, Coach Hennon will do standing starts and open baton passes and Coach Epp will work with block starts. We are planning on being outside again tonight. Please dress comfortably. Great work last night. 

Forecast - Sunny, windy, mid to upper 40s. If we are inside we will let you know by afternoon announcements

Here is the practice plan - 

Walk 100 - Dynamic 100 - Jog 100 - Accel 100. Today we finish at the 800 break line and go to fence exercises from there. Agilities with Coach Hennon to finish warm up segment. Girls to WR and Guys with events at 3:45. Guys will go to WR at 4:15; Girls will return to track and all will finish up by 4:45. Go Tigers 

March 9 - 2020

Today I will do what others won't; so tomorrow I can do what others can't. 

We will practice M - Th this week with Thursday practice being at 1:15 after Early dismissal. No practice Friday - Sunday to accommodate Muchinippi weekend. General news is that M-W will be event session days and Tuesday and Thursday will be group specific workouts.

Practice today will be as follows - (Monday)

3:18 - Walk - Dynamic - Jog - Gentle Accel to 80 m. line.


Hurdle mobility


Girls weight session/Boys events (Holbrook - LJ, Hennon - Distance, Hurdles - Lament, Blocks/Sprint mechanics - Epp, Throws - Schnippel)

Go Tigers!!!! Coach Epp 

Practice begins at 3:15

Walk 1 lap, Dynamic 1 lap, Jog 1 lap, Gentle Accel 1 lap.
Warm up group line up and static stretchs (Coach Epp will tell you where you belong)
Agilites by Coach Hennon in same warm up groups
Accelerations x 4 (accelerate to 1/2 court and throttle down from there)

 3:40 - Girls to Weight room - Guys will run 8 x 1 min. with 1 min.  between easy pace. Groups will switch at 4:10.

What an awesome job by our athleltes at Akron today!!!!  We broke or rebroke 4 records. The boys 4 x 8 (Javier DeLeon, Kort Sutherland, Brody Barrington, Alec Spangler) opened the day by becoming the first WG team in history to break the 9 minute barrier in indoor track running 8:58.78. Taylor Spencer took the track next and demolished her 1600 record by running 5:09.23 and shortly thereafter took to the track and again lowering her 800 record to 2:20.14. The record breaking was contagious and the girls 4 x 400 relay (Samantha Parker, Taylor Spencer, Leah Werner, Rylie Barrington) got into the act by running a 4:26.66 and lowering the record for the 4th straight race!!!!!!! Great job girls. In Field events Rylie was able to set a personal record in the Triple Jump by leaping 30-5. Thank you to all who participated today. You represented our community and program proudly. Your coaching staff is proud of you.