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Waynesfield-Goshen Track & Field News

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Pork Chop dinner fundraiser

The indoor track team's fundraiser this year will be a pork chop dinner carryout. Dinners will be $7 and will include a pork chop, baked potato and a side dish.  Please see an indoor track member for tickets. The dinner will be on Feb. 8 from 5-7 in the auditeria. You may eat here if you wish. 

Indoor workout

Here is today's workout.

Indoor practice cancelled today

Due to road conditions, we will not be practicing today. We will change workout days to Wed. and Fri. this week. Our normal Friday jumps day is now a workout day. Thursday will be a recovery day. Please use caution in traveling today as back roads are slick and could be a problem. 

Indoor workout

FRIDAY – 1/18/2019 – WGHS IT& F – “Jumps Day” –  MP Room 1-1:45 PM - High Jumpers – 1:45-2:30 PM -  Long jumpers and Triple Jumpers – Event drills and practice. Stretch/Cool down. GO TIGERS!!! No WR today. WR open 3–4 PM Monday “weather permitting.” – GO TIGERS!!!

Great workout yesterday!!!

Great job yesterday. Stay tuned for information about weekend and next week. 

So excited to watch us workout again

I know it was disappointing to not run last weekend. Let's work hard and get ready for our upcoming meet on the 27th. Looking ahead, T-TH will be workout days next week. Be sure to be here. Don't miss it. :)

We will not be traveling today.

Trip is cancelled. Click more news for information.

ONU meet

ONU meet has been cancelled. Many of the teams from the Cinci/Dayton had chosen not to travel and it left the meet with very few participants. Therefore, they are cancelling. The bus will leave at 8:15 tomorrow. 

Indoor workout and update for the weekend

Please read the following!

2 days left until big weekend

Great workout day. Let's get it ready. 

Sunday line-up for Findlay

Reminder that the bus will leave at 8:15 not 10:00 on Sunday.  Here is a tentative line-up. Relays may change based upon health and other events. 

Indoor workout

Hurdlers are to go to gym after school. We will do hurdle workout from 3:10 to 3:50. Then will return to group for recovery runs. Grady, Peyton, Sam, Cecilia, Taylor. Anyone else who is a hurdler is invited. 

Schedule changes for this weekend.

The bus will leave at 8:30 on Saturday and 8:15 on Sunday. Please note the change for Sunday. We will wash uniforms on Saturday night. Please turn them in for us to do so. Please stop in my room before you leave both days and pick up your supplies. Each athlete is will get the following both days: Jersey, 2 packs of crackers, 1 pack of granola bars and two bottles of water. 

Indoor workout

Great work yesterday. We will be doing batons tomorrow.

Indoor workout

Workout in auditeria today. 

Splits from Defiance

Great job Friday night. Very exciting to see us run, jump and throw. Let's have a great week of work and be prepared for a big weekend. 

Indoor at ONU today

Last workout at ONU prior to meet.

Today’s workout

Bus will leave from behind Coach Epp’s room at noon today. We will return at 2:30. 

Tentative line -up for Friday at Defiance

Here is a tentative line up for Defiance. Relay assignments may change depending upon attendance and health issues. Remember how important communication is on life. You all have access to at least one coach via many types of media. You must learn to take ownership of this communication. 

Indoor practice today

Great job yesterday by those who were there and those who were considerate and communicated with us. We appreciate you. 

Indoor practice today

Here is plan today. Hope to see you there. 

Indoor practice today

Here is plan today. Hope to see you there. 

Indoor workout

Thank you to all who traveled to ONU last night. It was a great workout. We got to High jump and do the little things that will make us better. 

Indoor workout

Bus will leave tonight at 3:15 from behind Mr. Epperly's room. Please communicate with me if you are not going. 

Indoor workout

Great job by all those who went to ONU last night. Thank you Brandon and Connor for helping our athletes improve. 

Indoor at ONU today

Bus will leave from behind Mr. Epp's room at 3:15. Please be sure any equipment you need for your event is on the bus. Hurdles are the only thing that will be out. We need blocks, rakes, implements etc. 

Indoor workout

No practice (rest and recovery) for sprints and runners. Throwers to MP room for practice. Weight room is open.  Jumpers will practice LJ and TJ tomorrow in MP room. 

Indoor workout

Thank you to Gallant, Alan, Brendhan, Quinn, Coaches Hennon, Horn and Schnippel for your help in the concession stand last night. You are great representatives of our program.  Keep up the great work. 

ONU dates and practice over break

ONU, break and bus times are listed here. 

Indoor workout

Recovery day and BATON DAY!!!! If you are working in concession stand, you need to be here by 5:30. I need you to work one date or both. The second date is Jan. 8. 

Indoor workout

Week one in the books. I will post an ONU schedule and break practices by Wednesday this week. Please check and let me know your availability. First meet is now only 25 days till first meet. 

Indoor workout for jumpers and throwers

FRIDAY – 12/7/2018 – WGHS IT&F – JUMPERS AND THROWERS ONLY TODAY IN MULTI-PURPOSE GYM – 3:15 pm – 1. Warm-up 2. HJ/TJ approach and Mechanics. 3 THROWERS – Footwork Fundamentals; Shot Mechanics; 6 measured throws. Stretch/cool down. GO TIGERS

Indoor workout

Great job last night. Let's be prepared to make use of the gym tonight. Recovery and event work. Block starts, hurdles, throws, jump techniques. etc. 

Indoor workout

Great job yesterday in the 40s. It is a great base to start from to look for improvement. We want to get some people in the 4s before the end of December (we can do it). 

Wednesday – 12/5/2018 – WGHS IT&F – Auditeria Hall –  1. WSJA  2. Med ball Wake-ups- 2 laps 3.  Stretch/Strength Circuit:  Wall stretch; Ropes; Foam Rollers; Bands; Hydrants;  Abs/Push-ups; 4 stretches. – DRINK – 4.  5 - 45 second planks/Tallahassee  6. Team Agilities/”Walk-in-the Park” –DRINK - 7. Team conditioning  4-3-2-1 – 35 second pace (2:20,  1:45, 1:10, 35 seconds) ;then  6 x 40m Accels WB recovery;  8. Team Stretch 9. WR open until 5 PM.  GO TIGERS!!!

Indoor workout

We might be a little bit sore today. Please be sure to drink water throughout the day and be prepared to get in some long deep stretches. Today is the first time trial day. We will be measuring 40 yard dash times. It will give us a baseline and something to work from. Go Tigers!!!! workout is below. 

First day of indoor practice!!!!!

Welcome back Tigers!!!! Coach Horn and I are extremely excited to get started. Hope to see you tonight, ready to compete. Let's Go Tigers. The workout is listed below. 

Remind sign up

Parents and athletes, 

Please sign up for Remind to keep track of the most recent announcements for both indoor and outdoor track and field. We will use this as a communication tool for practice cancellations and schedule adjustments. You can also use it to get messages to your coaches. 

To sign up please text @wgtr to 81010. 81010 is the number and @wgtr goes as the message. 

Winter picture day

Winter pictures are scheduled for Nov. 13 after school. The schedule for teams is as follows:

3:30 - JH Boys Basketball

3:45 - JH Girls Basketball

4:00 - HS Girls Basketball


4:45 - Indoor Track & Field

5:00 - HS Boys Basketball

5:15 - HS Cheer

5:30 - JH Cheer

Uniforms will be in Mr. Epperly's room. Please return when pictures are completed. 

Indoor track season is right around the corner

The Indoor schedule is posted under schedules. We will begin running and throwing workouts on Dec. 3. Some athletes are currently working out after school. Come and join them to get prepared. We will be conducting weight room sessions beginning in November. Please keep up to date on our website. More information will follow later. 

Track camp at WG

We will be offering a track and field camp over the next three weeks.

Championship T-shirts are here.

Junior High girls and High school boys, please order a championship t-shirt on us. It is free for the athlete. If you want your name there is a charge. Please take advantage of this. Only 6 JH girls have ordered and some HS boys still need to order. Use the following link to access the store. 



Tuesday workout
State Track and Field information

Here is the information that you need to follow our athletes in Columbus this weekend. You can find parking and fan info under the link on the left labeled state track info. 

Penultimate workout

Getting geared up for Troy. 

Monday workout

Regional tune up time. Let's Go Tigers!

Friday workouts

Great job last night. Congrats to Regional Qualifiers Brock Waitman, Kyle Searson and Audra Meeks. Good start for the boys scoring 28 points. Looks to be rainy on Saturday. Keep your remind handy. Spencerville is considering moving up the time schedule for Saturday to beat the rain. Please let Coach Epp know if you are attending on Saturday. Your teammates would love to see you. 

Wednesday workout

One day to go. Please be sure to consult with 7th and 8th period teachers for missed work and be prepared to board the bus by 2:00 on Thursday. 

Tuesday workout

Banquet is tonight at 6:30. You must have cleared any absences with athletic director to receive your awards. 

District schedule of events and other information.
District line up

District line up. Work on relay hand offs tonight and tomorrow. Schedule and events are posted. 

Way to go Tigers!!!!

Awesome performances last Saturday. We had a coach from the WBL champions (Celina) visit and watch our meet. He was impressed with the speed that our conference has. Keep up the great work. Time to shift gears and work on the postseason. We will be dismissing at 1:45 on Thursday and the bus will leave at 2:10 for Spencerville. Saturday's time will be announced. All are welcome to go and cheer for your teammates even if you are not in the line up. Splits are posted in more news. 

Friday workouts

Tuning up for tomorrow.

Great work on the first day of the championship

Way to go Tigers!! Champions perform when it counts! Awesome night. Splits are posted.

Wednesday workout

Final countdown

Tuesday workout

Sharpen up. Here we go. The table is set. 

League meet line up

Might have some changes due to throw offs and jump offs. Also may change when we see the heat sheets. 

Monday workout

Ready to go. Proud to be a Tiger!!!!!

Laker Invite splits and performances.

All I can say is WOW! Awesome job all around. Time to step up and put our work on display this week. 

League Meet week is here

This is what all of the work is for. We have triumphed in this meet 25 of 32 times. Our boys have won 14 of the 16 and our girls have won 11 of 16. Only one time on each side have we not finished 1st or 2nd. Let's keep that streak rolling. Very few people remember meets during the season, but the league meet endures. Go Tigers. Great tune up at Indian Lake. I will post line ups later today. 

Thursday workout

Work out for tonight!!!!!!

Line up for Friday

Here is a tentative line-up for Friday. 

Wednesday workout

Be prepared

Splits from last night.

Very happy with competition last night. We are headed toward the proper goal. That is to be at our best when next week rolls around. Go Tigers!!!!!

Working assignments for JH meet

Field event workers need to report by 4:45 and have event running at 5:00. You are to stay until your event ends and help with 200 hurdles. When your event and the 200 hurdles are done. Field event workers and hurdle crew are dismissed. Hurdle crew and timers need to report by 5:20. Timers will stay until 4 x 4 is complete. The more efficient we are the quicker we will be done. Should be done about 7:30. 

Liberty Benton splits

Good work on a tough day. Looks like the weather is going to cooperate over the next couple of weeks. 

Bus assignments and departure times

There will be two buses tonight. Highlighted will ride bus 1, which leaves at 3:25. Bus 2 will leave at 3:50. Check for changes in the line up. 

Friday workouts

NIce weather for workouts. Bus will leave at 7:15 tomorrow morning. 

Thursday workout

Weather is getting better. 

Saturday line-up

Here is the line-up for Saturday. Be ready to practice relay hand-offs tonight for 4 x 2 and 4 x 4. We will do 4 x 1 and 4 x 8 on Friday after school. 

Wednesday workout

Great day to workout. Big event day after conditioning. Relay work tomorrow with 4 x 2 and 4 x 4 teams. 

Monday workout

Know your role for JH meet tonight. 

Tiger Invite splits and reflections

All I can say is WOW!!!!, we, as a staff, were extremely impressed and proud of all of our athletes. You competed, showed class, represented your family, school, community and program as TIGERS! It was a pleasure to watch us compete and I hope to see that same intensity in the future. We competed and found what joy it is to finish a task and be completely spent. What pride it gives one!!! Thank you. The coaches loved watching you compete on Friday. 

Tuesday tentative line-up

Focus of the week is conditioning. This is a huge week in our cycle. Much of what we do this week and early next is the focus for great performances in May. Be mentally prepared and ready to be the best that you can be for this week. 

Working assignments for JH meet

I realize that baseball and softball players will be missing. Others need to let me know and also be thinking of a way that you can make up the time missed. This is part of the criteria for earning awards and letters at years' end. 

Heat Sheets are posted.

Heat sheets are posted on baums. Use navigation on the left. Line up is subject to change. 

Worker and hurdle assignments.

Please see where you are stationed and be prepared to do your best. 

Thursday workout

A little chilly tonight, but should be beautiful tomorrow. 

Wednesday workout

Weather is getting better. Let's get a great workout in. 

Tiger Invite line-up

Here is the tentative line-up for Friday night. Please be prepared to do your part. This is our invitational and we want to be competitive. 8 places score and we should fight for every point possible. 

Meet for tonight is cancelled.

We are probably going outside for a quick workout this afternoon. If that changes, I will let you know. Workout is posted. 


Weather does not look promising for tomorrow. I am going to post a line-up and bus assignment just in case. First bus will leave at 3:20 and second will leave at 4:00. First bus will be all field events and 4 x 8.  If we do not go, we are going to try to get a workout in outside. We might warm-up in gym and run workout outside. It will not be bad to be out a short time. Much better than to be out for 3+ hours. 

Splits and reflections from Saturday

I was really encouraged by our support for each other during races. That is a definite skill and something that we can hang our hat upon. I have been not a great leader and my goal for the week is to change that. It may cause some uncomfortable situations for some as we begin to challenge you and your focus and workout efforts. You are responsible for your effort. Be prepared for cold weather and look for the positive of achievement. 

Minster schedule

Here is a schedule for our meet tomorrow at Minster. The GPS address is 100 E. 7th street, Minster, Ohio.

Friday workouts

Time to get ready. Be sure to pack rain gear for tomorrow. Bus will leave at 7:30. Those who are taking ACT, your teammates would love to see you. Please fill out travel release forms. 

Minster line up

Tentative line up for Saturday

Thursday workout

Great day to workout. Spring is finally here. 

Wednesday workout

Time to get better!!!

Splits from last night.

Here is the good, the bad and the OMG ugly. Some of these are truly not very good. We must need to do more conditioning at practice as we continually hear, "I don't want to be too tired for a later race." Guess what, you need to learn some more about physiology. You will not get better by conserving. Give effort always. We will never fault effort, but we tire of complacency. 

Last night's meet!

Good job last night. Spotlight on Gallant Shephard for great improvement and competitiveness. Keep up the great work. I have posted warm up groups so that we can be more organized at the start of practice. Please use these for Captains' activities. 

Heat sheets and live results

Heat sheets and live results are posted on the left under Ada/Jefferson

Line up for Tuesday at home

Softball and baseball will be added if games are cancelled. 

Splits from Friday night

Conditions were brutal and we have some marks that we can build upon now. 

Monday workout

Get your workout in and be ready to help at JH meet. 

Junior High meet worker assignments

If you have baseball or softball, I realize that you will not be there. We will cover for you. Our next JH meet is April 23 and we have one on May 3. Adjust your work schedules as this is part of earning a letter and track awards. 

Celina relays information

Here is the order of events and directions for those going to the Celina Relays tonight. 

Bus assignments and departure times

Bus #1 will leave at 3:30 and Bus #2 will leave at 4:05 tonight. Coach Epp is driving the first bus and Mary will be driving the second bus. Dress warm and bring hats, gloves etc. Be sure that everything you need is on the bus. It is not your coach's responsibility to get your equipment. 

Thursday workout

Dress warmly and focus on what needs to be done for tomorrow night. 

Celina relays line up

Great work last night. Here is the line up for tomorrow. Please dress warmly. 

Wednesday workout

Wednesday – 4/4/2018 - HS Gym – 3:15 PM – Warm-up Stretches; scooter relays, chariots of fire, “get-ups”; Captain’s stretch; WR open until 5 PM. GO TIGERS!!!

Meet is cancelled for today.

No practice. See you tomorrow. i  have posted Versailles splits. 

Monday workout

Practice will begin at 3:00 today. Be ready to go at 3. We have become complacent and it will bite us in the future. We have people who are taking shortcuts in warm up and not working hard. This will lead to injuries and disappointment. Coach Horn and I are too old to spend time yelling. Go Tigers!!!!!!

Great day yesterday and Bellefontaine line up.

Great to get the first meet out of the way. Practice will be at regular time on Monday. Be ready to start at 3:00. 

Thursday workout

Check remind, we might be in the HS gym. 

Wednesday workout

Practice after school today on track. 

Lady Commodore line-up and Versailles line-up

Versailles line up is subject to change based upon health. Let's begin to focus on strengthening our weaknesses. 

Spirit sale is here

One week only. 


Here is the link - https://wgspringsports2018.itemorder.com/sale

Tuesday line up

Here is the line up. If you do not see your name, please come and see me. Big week with three different meets. 

Monday workout

Be prepared for tomorrow with rain gear. Should be warm however. 

A look at the week ahead

First week of meets. Interesting week due to it being Easter break.  

Friday workouts

Workouts are outside today. Dress warm. 

Relays are cancelled

Due to extreme cold and precipitation forecast on Saturday, we are cancelling the JRH Tiger relays for this year. We hope the weather cooperates in the future. 

Thursday workout

Practice will be inside tonight after school. 

Tuesday workout

We will make a decision by 2:30 on practice status. Currently we are planning on being outside. However that can change. 

Monday workout

Looks like a good day to be outside. 

Friday workout

We will be in HS gym after school today. 

Wednesday workout

Check remind between 2:30 and 2:45 for status of practice update. 

Tuesday workout

Be aware that this may change. We will make a decision at 2:30 about location. We are planning on outside as yesterday was not bad at all. We will also be picking up jerseys and picture papers after practice today in Coach Epp's room. 

Monday workout

It's cold so bundle up!!

Thursday workout

Great job yesterday Tigers!

Picture Schedule

Here is the schedule for pictures on Thursday. 

HS track - 3:15 - Please return uniforms to laundry in Coach Epp's room. 
JH track - 3:45
Seniors - 4:15
Baseball - 4:30
Softball - 5:00
JH Softball - 5:30

Wednesday workout

Workout is posted here. 

Outdoor Begins :)

Practice tonight will be in the 97 gym. Pictures will be next Thursday. We will practice today, Wednesday and Thursday this week. Beginning next week. We will have event specific clinics after workouts. These will run from 4:30 - 5:15.  Mondays will be Long jump and triple jump, Wednesdays will be High jump, Thursdays will be pole vault. These sesssions will be teaching skills and drills. These sessions with the developmental meets on Tuesday should prepare us for weekend competitions. 

Tuesday workout

Sharpening skills. Look ahead, we will be going to ONU on Thursday night and leaving WG at 7:15. Please let your teachers know about us leaving after 4th period on Friday. All work needs to be made up ahead of time if possible. I will publish travel details when we finalize entries. We will go outside today (weather looks good) and run some short sprints and do some event work. If you need to go home to get some things, that will be fine. 

Meet schedule for tomorrow

Unfortunately, SPIRE will not be streaming the state meet. It will be shown on Milesplit, but to view you would need a yearly subscription. :(.  We will update all events on our twitter feed. Stay tuned. 

Great job yesterday!

Here's a look at the week ahead. All non-qualifiers are off until March 6. That will be the first day of outdoor practice. We will have an outdoor meeting on Wednesday during AA for all athletes. I will forward info to all Hi-Point athletes. The qualifying lists are posted. The top 24 in each event are automatic qualifiers. The top 40 may declare and will find out on Wednesday if they are accepted. Click on link for more. 

Friday workouts

FRIDAY – 2/23/2018 –  THROWERS in MP room 3:10-3:50 PM; Jumpers 3:50-4:30 PM – 3:15 PM – Events “Pre-meet – Auditeria Hall – Warm-up – Blocks/Batons. WR open after practice. GO TIGERS!!!

Thursday workout

Good recovery day in the big gym. We will get some hurdles and jump run throughs done today. 

Wednesday workout

Today's workout!!

Defiance line up

Line up for Sunday. Please let me know if you want to run something that I do not have you signed up to do. 

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing that you will make one.”

Tuesday workout

Getting ready for final week of season prior to State. This is the last chance to qualify for some. Looking at the week ahead. Tues. and Thurs. will be recovery days while Wed. and Fri. will include workouts to sharpen our skills and get prepared. I will post a line-up tomorrow. 


We will be going to Defiance on Feb. 25 instead of Findlay. Findlay has placed entry limitations which will not allow all of our athletes to compete. Defiance has unlimited and we will be traveling there instead. Bus departure will remain the same. We will leave at 8:15. 

Thursday workout

Wrapping up the week. Senior night tomorrow night between basketball games. 

Wednesday workout

Happy Valentines Day. Last night, I heard on multiple occasions the phrase that sets people apart from others. "Can I help you with anything?" No phrase is more powerful in winning fans. It is a true measure of good people. Whether we win or lose, I am most proud to coach people of character. Thank you. Go Tigers 

Tuesday workout

This is the time of year when it is tough to focus. The routine seems to be a little stale and the weather is depressing. This is the time when the elite turn it into a positive. Find a new focus or make a simple one day goal to improve a minor detail. The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.” Vince Lombardi

Monday workout

We will practice M - T - W - TH this week. Senior night is Friday night. Our seniors will be honored between the JV and Varsity game on Friday. We are working Concession stand on Tuesday. I currently have Blake, Gabe, Dustin and Dawson working along with Coach Horn and I. Have a great week!

Thursday workout

Concession workers need to be here at 5:30 tonight. I currently have Audra, Blake, Tyler and Ryan committed. It would be nice to have one more. No excuses, no explanations.

Wednesday workout

Good job last night. Those of you who are feeling under the weather, please take this time to get better. Do not push it and make others sick. We have some time until the next meet to allow for you to improve your health. Be sure to be fair with yourself. Some of us need to do a better job of treating our bodies properly. Proper warm up and cool down as well as stretches will help cure ailing muscles. Quote of the day - Buy in or buy a ticket. 

Tuesday workout

Good work on Saturday. We will work out three days this week. Tues, Wed. and Thurs. 

Spaghetti supper assignments

Check your assignment and be on time. Girls be sure to pull your hair back. Guys and girls wear a WG track shirt. 

Thursday workout

Two days to go. 

Wednesday workout

Time to get ready to compete. 

Oiler Invite Line-up and tentative time schedule

Here is a look at the tentaive Saturday plans. Bus will leave at 8:00 from behind Mr. Epperly's room. Please be early and have all items that you need. 

Tuesday workout

Good work last night. Let's keep our focus and stay healthy. What are your stengths? What can you improve? Just get better every day.

Schedule of meets for the month

I have updated our schedule for the month. We will do the following:

Feb. 3 at Findlay, Feb. 17 at Akron (boys 4 x 2 and 4 x 4), Feb. 25 at Findlay. March 3 State meet for the top 24 qualifiers in each event. 

Monday workout

Welcome back, It's meet week. We will be working out M-Th this week. Friday is spaghetti supper. Seniors are in charge of prep. Juniors will serve and underclass will be clean up. I will have specific assignments posted later in the week. 

Targets for qualification 2018

This contains a listing of what was the 24th place rank in each event last year. As you know the top 24 this year will be automatic qualifiers to the State Meet. How do you stack up? What can you do between now and Feb. 25 to achieve a seat on the bus?

Wednesday workout

Coach Schnippel will be running the practice for non=-throwers today. Please help him out. We should know what to do. 

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

Tuesday workout

Good night for a workout!!!

Friday night splits

Splits from Friday night. Great job Tigers!!!!


Congratulations to the OATCCC Northwest District Champions, The WG Tigers. Results are posted. Many PRs were set as well as record breakers. Gabe James, Tyler Eller, Brandon James recorded 1st place finishes and joined Wesley Eller to win the 4 x 400 meter relay. The Tigers beat 2nd place by 36 points. Dominant showing. 

Last minute adjustments for tonight.

All equipment will go in the van. I will be contacting those who are going with me in the van. If you want in, please see me. Any equipment that you might need, check to see that it is loaded and be sure to be responsible for that equipment. Go Tigers!!!

"An excuse is the easiest thing in the world to make. Coaches don't want excuses, they want results."

General meet information and Follow the Tigers!!!!!!

Friday night's meet at Findlay will be held at the Malcom Center. The address is 1000 N. Main St. There is quite a bit of construction on I-75 in Findlay. Click more news to see an alternative route to the Malcom Center and general meet information.  

Thursday workout

Practice in the big gym today. We can do hand-offs, block starts and hurdles in preparation for tomorrow. Bus will leave at 3:15 tomorrow. Please be ready to go. 

“Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.”

Wednesday workout

Let us get re-focused on getting better. This is a stretch of the year that takes mental toughness. The weather is poor. We have not had a meet in a while and it seems dreary. You make the workout and the atmosphere. 

"You will come to know that what appears today to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment that you will ever make."

Tuesday workout

Hope we all had some time to get healthy and rest. Time to get to work for Friday. Please check upcoming schedule. Spaghetti supper tickets will be distributed tonight at practice. Each family needs to sell 5+ for us to have a successful.

"You are a Waynesfield-Goshen Tiger when you would rather encourage a teammate to success than benefit personally from his or her mistakes."

Findlay meet on Friday January 19

Here is the early look at the line-up for the District meet. Bus will leave at 3:15. I have posted a tenative time schedule on the left for parents. I will post directions to the track later this week. 

Meet at ONU is cancelled

The meet has been cancelled due to inclement weather. We will practice on Tuesday after school. Stay warm and safe. Do some stretches and exercises to stay active. 

Thursday workout

Good day to get better. We are still looking good for Saturday. Bus will leave at 8:15. We will give updates when needed. Good chance to compete close to home. 

You get out of an activity what you put into it. Remember solid reps and focused training produces results. Unfocused training and sloppy reps lead to mediocre performance when you are on the big stage. 

Ohio Northern information and line-up

Keep an eye on the weather for Saturday. Bus will leave at 8:15. We will post on Remind, web page and make a one call if we cannot go to the meet. We are operating on the idea that we will run on Saturday. Meet info is listed first and line-up is below. 

Wednesday workout

Great work at ONU last night. Triple jumpers really get the 1st phase. We will do some landing work on Friday (Weather permitting.) Sorry about the bus mix up for Hi Point guys, I hope you took care of working out on your own. 

The more things you can do, the harder you are to keep out of the lineup.

Tuesday workout

Bus leaves from behind school at 3:15. Please be on time. We will return by 5:45. 

Defiance splits

Here are the splits for Friday night. It is up to you to improve. We as coaches can show you, cheer for you, be there for you, but we cannot help you if you are unwilling to leave your comfort zone. 

Defiance meet recap

Great job by all of our athletes on Friday night. First meet and we had some school record breakers and many personal bests. We are very excited about the next few weeks and what we can get accomplished. Congrats to Dustin Klenke and Savanna Spencer for setting new records in the boys and girls weight throws. Gabriel James moved into 2nd place on the long jump list. 

Wednesday workout

Do not be confused. The previous post is for Friday. Please read carefully. 

Tuesday workout

Happy New Year, Let's get the year started on the proper footing. We will be in the gym today for practice. Workout is posted. Hi point people, I realize that you have school tomorrow and will not be able to go to ONU. You can workout in halls after you arrive back from school. 

Thank yous and what are you thinkings.

Two  thoughts tonight. First and best, a great big shout out to the five seniors(Amelia, Austin, Blake, Brandon and Keaton) who worked concessions tonight (you were awesome:) and to those who consistently communicate with the staff. We adore you and you are the reason that we have continued to coach and shout to all who will listen how proud we are to be coaches at Waynesfield-Goshen. 

Wednesday workout

Practice today begins at 12. Please park in the front parking lot. We do not park along the curb. 

Thursday workout and Friday weight room info

Bus leaves at 10:30. Be sure to communicate if you are not going. 

Wednesday workout

Great work at ONU last night. We will practice at 1 in the gym today. Coach Horn will have the workout. No throws in MP room. 


"The more you take responsibility for your past and present, the more you are able to create the future you seek."

Tuesday workout

Please communicate if you are not going tonight. I realize BB players will not be attending. Bus will leave at 3:15 from behind the school. 

“Great players… take advantage of every opportunity to get better. Every workout, every practice, and every game is a chance to improve!”


Good work last night. Tonight in the MP room we will have LJ and TJ instructional practice for any who want to try. The weight room will be open until 4:15 for anyone interested. ONU schedule has been updated. We will go at 10:30 on Jan. 3 and return at 1:30. Go Tigers!!!!!

Wednesday workout

Good job last night with many people in one place. We did a very nice job of communicating and working together to be efficient. Tonight is a good night for a workout. 

"Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday's success or put its failures behind and start over again."

Tuesday workout

Great job by the throwers last night. The true test of character is to be able to be trusted with responsibility. Great job by runners and sprinters in last night's workouts. All athletes made the times with ease. Awesome start. 

Monday's workout

Hope that you all had a great weekend. Please check your email today for weekly update on news and important upcoming dates. 


What a great week!!! Coach Horn and I are blessed with people who care and are attempting to get better. We were very pleased with your attention to detail and improvement during baton drills last night. Awesome job!!!! Tonight is a chance to get better. Weight room is open and high jump practice will be in MP room. Go Tigers!!

Thursday workout

Great work by all who attended last night. It is difficult and takes much cooperation to have as many as we have and still be able to efficiently train in our available space. Thank you for being good listeners. Be sure to go out of your comfort zone over the next week and try to compliment a teammate that you see giving a good effort or doing something correctly. Again these skills have nothing to do with talent only character. 

Wednesday workout

Great job yesterday in the gym. Very exciting to see all of our numbers and how we encourage and help one and other. The key to a great experience is giving. We want you to have a great experience. Experience has nothing to do with talent. Talent is finite; Character is infinite. Build your character!! Go Tigers!!!!

Tuesday workout

Awesome job yesterday at practice. Congrats to the newbies. We value you and welcome you to our program. Tonight's practice is in the gym right after school. 

Indoor track practice begins today

The weather looks good and we will be outdoors today. Check remind to be sure. Outdoor locker rooms will be available. Throwers are with Coach Horn. Everyone else will be with Coach Epp. 

Indoor track is here.

Indoor track is right around the corner. Here is some news for athletes and parents. 

Picture Day!! Picture Day

Picture is October 4th... 

Mobile App Test News


Welcome back! Welcome Back!

Please check out Mr. Pfisters welcome back message!

6th - 12th Grade Students - Chromebook 1:1 Agreement forms and timeline WG Chromebook 1:1 Program

Important info for 6th - 12th grade students & parents.

Free Preschool at Waynesfield-Goshen WG Tiger Head

Get a jump start on your child’s education.  Come join the fun at W-G. 

Today's workout information

Great work last night. Congratulations to Josh for qualifying to the state meet. We had some great performances last night and gained some valuable experience. Bus will leave at 2:00 tomorrow. Please text or send me a remind to let me know if you are going. 

Today's workout information

Bring stuff and be prepared. Turn in your food order for BW's to Coach Epp today. 

District final splits from Saturday

Great job folks

Follow the Tigers!!!!

Directions, Time schedules and other information can be found here. 

Championship T-Shirts are now available!

Please go the followiing link to order a championship t-shirt:


The t-shirt is free to all team members. You may add your name on the back for a small fee (3.00)

This is available for All HS track athletes and junior high girls track participants. 

AWESOME!!!!!!! Tonight's workout

Great weekend for the Tigers as we qualified 6 individuals and 2 relay teams to regionals at Tiffin. Congratulations to all who performed on Saturday. Our coaching staff was really proud of the effort that was shown. Great job Tigers. Today's workout material is posted in the read more section. Big shout out to people who set PR's and broke records on Saturday. You make Tiger Nation proud. Go Tigers

Splits from last night.
Today's workout information

Great effort last night. Congratulations to our Regional Qualifiers from last night. Josh Searson, Brock Waitman and Gabriel James. Let's work on filling the bus tomorrow. 

Plenty of water and electrolytes today

Hot and windy, be sure to be mentally and physically prepared for it. Bring extra water and stay covered up and out of the wind. Heat sheets are posted on baums. 

Today's workout

Pre meet workout. You know what is expected. Disappointed in those who were not at the banquet last night and did not communicate with the staff. The perception is that you only care about yourself. How can you change that because you are creating haters not fans?

Student athletes who are to ride the bus on Thursday to District

The following people will be traveling with us on Thursday to the district meet. You are to get with your 7th and 8th period teachers to find out what work you will be missing. You will be dismissed at 1:35 on Thursday. You are to go straight to the locker room, get dressed and board the bus. Please bring everything with you. You are not to leave campus at all once you are dismissed. 

Today's workout information

One more day to tune-up before pre meet practice. 

District line - up

Here is the tenative line - up for Thursday. Please remember to check with your 7th and 8th period teacher for work you will miss. You will be dismissed at 1:35. 

NWCC finals splits.

Great job last weekend. Mission accomplished. Congratulations to both teams. We are very proud of you effort. 

Hurdle assignments for Saturday

What a great job by all of our athletes last night!!! Now let's finish the job. Saturday is show time. Today's workout info is posted here. I have posted splits below the workout. 

NWCC prelims night

Go Tigers!! Everyone needs to be here and on the track by 4:15. If you come after 4:05, you will have to walk to locker room. Jocelyn will shuttle at 3:45, 3:50, 3:55, 4:00 and 4:05. Please park out front due to limited parking for the crowd. Be prepared to do your part whether it be as a participant or in a support role. Everyone is important. 

Worker assignments for hurdles etc.

Be prepared to do your part. 

Today's workout information

Great work last night. Keep an eye on the weather. Might need rain gear tomorrow. 

Today's workout information

Championship week!!!!!!!

List of people who have volunteered to help this week

Here are the assignments for Saturday.  We greatly appreciate your help. Likewise if you want to help and are not on the list. Please let me know. 

Coach Epp

Event workout today
Tentative Line-up for League Meet

Here is the line-up for this week. Be prepared to do your part. Look at the history. This is the 16th year for this meet. Our boys have won 13 titles and our girls have won 10 titles. We have won 23 titles in the past 15 years. Keep the tradition rolling. Go Tigers!!!

Today's workout information

Good maintenance workout tonight. Get plenty of rest and be ready to perform next week. Event practice for those in the league meet will be on Monday. 

Today's workout information

This will come as huge shock to all involved. The JH meet for tonight is cancelled. We will work out after school in the HS gym. 

Today's workout information

Sorry forgot to post workouts for today. 

Splits and results from Riverside

Jarrod Danner receives award for "laying it all on the line" and showing what it really means to compete. Great job Jarrod!!! You earned your "Tiger Stripes" last night. Welcome to respect earned. I am waiting to see who else wants to change their stars and people's perception by doing something out of the ordinary. Great job Jarrod. Your coaches and our track community applaud you. 

Bus assignments

Bus 1 leaves at 3:25. All field event people are on bus 1. Everyone else is on bus 2. Mary is driving so be ready at 3:45. 

Tuesday Line up tentative

I may make some changes yet, so keep checking later to see where you fall. 

Today's workout information

I will post line ups and bus assignments later today. Keep an eye on the weather. It will be extremely windy over the next few days. Wind makes the temperature readings differ so dress appropriately. 

Today's workout information

Great day for recovery!!! Great day to get in some field event work. We will be here until 5:30ish to help any field event athletes (HJ, LJ, PV). Get your work in!!!!

Bus assignments for tonight

1st bus with Coach Epp at 3:30. Mary will drive 2nd bus at approximately 3:50

Tentative Line-up for Tonight

Check to see where you are in the line-up. It will be a nice night tonight. Brandon's workout for tonight is 350-250-150 x 2 with 5 80s for cool down. Run them during the 4 x 8 and mile. Run 80s on turf. goaline to the opposite 20 with walk back recovery on all runs. John and Claudia have 8 x's following the white football borders on the endline and 10 x 100 accels on turf. See me before and after your workouts. 

Tiger Invite splits

Here are the numbers. 

A huge thank you to all of our volunteers last Friday night

We can not run meets the way that we do without an army. Thank you to all of our volunteers from last friday night. You make our community/school and athletes look very good. We appreciate all that you do for the WG track and field community. Go Tigers!!!!

Worker assignments for Tiger Invitational

Please look for your name. If it is not on here, ask what you can do to help. I did not assign specific people to the throws area. Mr. Schnippel will assign HS throwers and Coach Claybaugh will assign JH throwers to a task. 

Today's workout

Should be able to get everything in before the rain. 

Tentative Line-up for Friday

Get some work with your relay teams and know your role. 

Today's workout

I am waiting on grades to post Friday's line-up. I will have it posted by the end of the day hopefully. 

Tentative Line-up for Tuesday

Changes could be made. No baseball or softball players have communicated with me. I need to know at the beginning of the week what your plans are. If you are dualing as an athlete, it means twice the amount of communication. I have no problem figuring things out when there are not confllicts, but you have a responsibility to both of the programs to communicate. 

Today's workout

Beautiful day!!

Minster splits for Saturday

Kind of a mixed bag of sorts. Thought some people had great days, others were quite disappointing. Pretty much summed by my father(who knows very little about track) yesterday when he said that it looked like some of our kids were just running to get around the track with as little effort as possible. Perception is reality. His perception was that we did not try very hard in some races. 

Heat sheets for Saturday

Heat sheets have been posted. Click the Minster Memorial link to see them. 

Today's workout information

Workout and meet prep. Let's get ready. No practice tomorrow. Bus will leave at 7:15 on Saturday. Please let Coach Hennon know it you are not riding. 

Tentative Minster line-up

We will take one bus that will leave at 7:15 for Minster on Saturday morning. The van will leave earlier with all equipment. Have your stuff ready to put into the van on Thursday. Poles will go on the bus. Line up could change due to practice, work and other outside forces. 

Ridgemont splits

As you look at splits, remember sprint relay splits are highly inaccurate due to where you receive and give up the baton. If you want to earn a spot on one of our sprint relay teams, you must perform with a solid time in an open event. I do not consider split times when putting together relays. On the other hand, we have plenty of openings for men and women (not boys and girls) in the 4 x 4,  4 x 8, 800, 1600 and 3200. Why settle for average or below? 

Today's workout information

Reminder that tomorrow's practice will be at 2:30. Come early if you want some individual work. I will post JH meet assignments later today. 

Bus Assignments for tonight

First bus will leave at 3:25. 2nd bus will leave at approximately 3:45. Be prepared to go when your bus is ready. Be sure to follow bus safety rules. 

Tentative Line-up for Tuesday

Please check to see if you are in too many events. If you are not in the line-up please see me. You should be in at least two events and not more than four including relays and field events. It will be a tri meet with Ridgemont and Arcadia. Lots of good workout runs tomorrow. 

Today's workout information

Great day for practice. Weather looks good all week. 

Celina Splits

Great job in some colder weather. Way to step girls when you were tied and beat Hardin Northern in the 4 x 4

Bus Assignments for Celina trip

First bus leaves at 3:25 with Epp driving. Second bus will be Mary and will leave at approx. 3:50. Coach Hennon will be on bus 2.

Celina line-up

I will put up bus assignments later tonight. We may make some changes based upon health. We have extras to put in about everywhere. I will monitor the weather tomorrow. I want to go and do fields and 4 x 16 and we will see how the weather plays out from there. Beautiful temps coming. Bundle up on the under garments as the I am not worried about being DQed more worried about keeping warm. First bus will go at 3:25.

Today's workout information

Workout most likely indoors. Weight room will be open for those who practiced yesterday during the workout and then open to all after the workout. NO BURNOUT/MAXOUT LIFTS!!!! THESE WILL NOT HELP YOU DURING OUR SEASON. YOU CAN DO THAT IN THE OFFSEASON! THIS IS MAINTENANCE LIFTING. 

Today's workout information

Recovery day. The workout runs are not races and we are not killing ourselves. We are running smooth and letting the engine remain warm and smooth. 

Tentative Line-up for Friday/Saturday

This could change a great deal between now and the meet. 

Information for Celina Relays

The decision on meet day will be made on Thursday. Looking at weather, we are setting our workout schedule based on having the meet on Saturday. 

Bellefontaine Splits

Much better job of competing last night. It's fun when everyone is on board and has a common goal. GETTING BETTER!!!!

Bus assignments for Belllefontaine

If your name is not here, please see me. If you are on both buses, please see me. 1st bus leaves at 3:25 today. Boys B 4 x 8 team will ride Mary's bus after the meet. (Nick, Blake, Cole, Keaton) 

Tuesday Line up

We are starting to round into shape. Many good performances this weekend. Remember Tuesday is the night for you to show us what you can do. You want to break into the line up; you do it with effort on Tuesday night. I am always watching for great teammates and who really does not want to be part of our culture. Your actions speak very loudly. 

Today's workout

Be prepared for weather. We will go outside unless it is raining extremely hard. We might warm-up inside and do workout outside. Check Remind between 2:30 and 3:00. 

Splits for Girls and Boys from this weekend.

Many great performances this weekend. Your true character shows by how you react when asked to do something for the team. Think about how you react. It tells a great deal about what kind of teammate and person you are. Wow! we have many great people and a few who need some guidance on what it takes to be a great teammate. Which one are you? 

Today's workout

Girls, the bus leaves at 3:45 tonight. Be in the lockerroom ready at 3:40. The bus for Versailles leaves at 7:20 tomorrow morning. 

Today's workout

Please check remind between 2:30 and 3:00 for updated practice information. 

Last night's splits

Here is the ugly truth. The nice thing about Track and Field is that numbers don't lie. 

Today's workout

Today's workout info. Some good some not so good from last night. It provides a starting point for us to grow. Look at your times and decide if that is what you want to be labeled as. 

Tentative Line-up for Saturday

We get three in each event. I am still deciding on some spots. Most spots were decided last night. If you are in a field event and want to break into the line-up, you need to perform on a Tuesday. 

Line - up for Friday at Perry

Lady Commodore line-up for Friday. 

Meet preparation

Here is a list of things you might want to check before you leave tonight. 

Bus Assignments for tomorrow

Check your bus assignment for tomorrow. First bus leaves at 3:30. Second bus leaves at 4:00

Tuesday Line up

Here is the line-up for tomorrow. If you need relay hand-offs bring spikes and batons to practice. 

Congratulations to Saturday's record breakers

We broke many records both Joe Rider Horn relay records and school records. Click read more to see who were record breakers. 

Today's workout

Workout for Today. Line - ups will be posted by lunch. Great work Saturday and congratulations to Musical participants you were wonderful. We are proud of you. 

What do I need and when do I need to be there?

Here is your track survival guide for Saturday. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN COMFORT!!!! AND PERFORMANCE. We have given you the training that you need now it is your time to shine. NO EXCUSES. It was not someone else's fault. 

Today's workout

Pre meet workout tomorrow. Please look at news as to what to pack and all other necessities when I post it later tonight. 

Shuttle hurdle assignments

These are the shuttle hurdle assignments for Saturday. The more quickly that it is done the happier the day will be. 

Today's workout

Keep an eye on Remind about practice location. 

Today's workout

Finally, looks like we will be outside. :) Let's get a bunch of stuff done. 

Tentative Line-up for Saturday

This is a draft for Saturday's line-up. Remember your teammates when you think about what you are doing. Sometimes what you are doing is to benefit someone else. IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!!!!!!! IT'S ALL ABOUT US!!!!!

Today's workout

Check remind after 2:30 to make sure where we are practicing. 

Today's workout

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today's workout

Be prepared to go in or out. I will send a remind at 2:30 with a decision.

Today's workout

Inside today. Workout groups are posted to the left. Please know where you belong. Be prepared to go outside tomorrow. It will be chilly but I think we might be able to do it. 

Today's workout

Pictures today. Boys will be right after school. The girls will need to wait unitl Emily gets back from clinicals. You may get your individual shots before hand. Should be good to go around 4. Weight room will be open until 4:30. Please take advantage of this. 

Uniforms will be passed out at practice today.

You will recieve uniforms after practice today. If you ran track before, you will receive last year's number that was assigned to you. You may pick it up after practice. More info on read more. 

Today's workout

Welcome to spring in Ohio. 

Today's workout
Today's workout

Check remind about location after 2:30. Zane and Caitlin will be passing out picture forms today. Pictures are on Tuesday. We will assign uniform numbers on Monday. 

Today's workout

Check remind this afternoon to see the status of practice. Good day yesterday, today we will do some stretching and workout some of the kinks from yesterday. There will be no practice on Friday. 

Workout for today

Welcome to the first day of outdoor practice. This week will be a bit chaotic between getting out equipment and different schedules of athletes. Please check your remind account after 2:30 for practice sites. 

Congratulations to our state qualifying athlets

Awesome job yesterday at the State Meet. You represented the Tiger community well. We are proud of you. 

Today's workout

Bus leaves at 7;00 tonight for ONU. 

Today's workout

Two days until STATE

Accepted Entries to Saturday's state meet

The entries are in and the declarations are done and the Tigers have 10 athletes going to STATE!!!! The following WG Tigers teams and individuals have qualified to run in the state meet at Akron on Saturday. Congratulations and way to go! The van will leave at 10:00am on Saturday. 

Today's workout information

Looks as if we might be able to get to ONU on Thursday night. Here is today's workouts. Good Luck to the Boys' Basketball team tonight. 

Today's workout information

MONDAY – 2/27/2017 – WGHS IVT&F –  No practice today for state qualifiers. Non-state qualifiers have a recovery week. For all “newcomers” in outdoor track the WR (weight room) will be open today from 3PM to 4PM to begin strength workouts.  A coach will be in the WR to help you with “beginning” event specific WR workouts.  GO TIGERS!!


State meet information and time schedule

Please click on read more to see all of the information for the state track meet on March 4. Go Tigers

Today's workout

One day to go!!!!!

Today's workout

Recovery day, we will most likely be inside due to rainy weather. 

Today's workout

Workout is here :) Check remind at 2:45. We may be outside for the workout. 

Line-up for Sunday's meet at Bowling Green

Bus leaves at 9:30. Please look over this and be prepared to do your part. Let me know if we missed something. Entries are due tonight.We may need fill ins on relays if someone is unable to go. Order of events is as follows for running. 4 x 2, 60 prelims(hurdle and dash), 4 x 8, 60 finals (hurdle, dash), 1600, 400, 800, 200, 3200, 4 x 4. Field events are Girls PV, LJ - Boys HJ. Not sure how they will do the throws. They are in the turf room and last time they were whacked out. 

Today's workout

We will be in the big gym for today's workout. 

Today's workout

Click more news for today's workout

Today's workout

Click here for workout

Today's meet info

Go to Performance lists on the left to see today meet info and live results

Line-up for Sunday's meet at Tiffin

The bus will leave at 10:00 (change from original time) We will not be running any events after the 4 x 2 due to having school on Monday. I want to allow us time to get home and you to get a good night's rest. 

Workout for Friday

Here is our workout for today. Throwers will go to the MP room. 

Today's workout

This is interim week. I will be discussing grades with some of you. I will be removing failing grades from line-up if changes are not made. 

Regional information for Friday

Friday is here and all information is listed. There will be a shortage of parking at Troy until after 6. I have posted a list of events and starting times. The address is West Staunton Road, Troy, Ohio.

Defiance Performance list

Here is the performance list for tomorrow night. It looks like it will be a late night. 

Thursday workout

Last good workout day of the year. :). Please be sure to indicate if you are helping in the concession stand this evening. I am running the scoreboard, so Coach Horn will need some help. We need at least 4 seniors. More would be appreciated. Be there at 5:30

Tentative Line-up for Saturday

Anyone who is not in an event tomorrow is to stay home. We are only take those who will be participating. The weather is going to be wet and we are limited on rain gear and shelter. If you are leaving early, you need a travel release form. I do not have one from Hinds or W. Eller yet and both indicated that they were leaving early. Bus leaves at 7:20.

Worker assignments for junior high meet Thursday

Check for your assignment. Baseball is playing so everyone has an assignment. If you finish your field event, you are on hudle crew. 

Friday practice and workout

Click here for workout

This week's rankings

Rankings update!!! Top 18 are automatic qualifiers. Top 35 are provisional and will fill in where the auto qualifiers do not. 

Defiance line up

Bus leaves at 3:15 on Friday. Be attentive Thursday at practice for more information. Van will leave at 3:10 with boys hurdlers, A. Meeks and 4 x 8 team (W. Eller, A. Hatfield, Suthlerland, Webb). This will be our first trip to Defiance so this is new to me. 

ONU and practice over break

Here is a schedule of trips to ONU for practice and times for practice and the weight room over break. This may change due to ONU schedule or Coaches' obligations. Please communicate with the staff if you are unable to attend so that we are able to feel comfortable and know that you are safe. Merry Christmas. 

"The art of communication is the language of leadership." 

Today's workout information

Check weather

Today's workout information

Great job last night!! I saw some warriors! 2 weeks and counting. 

Today's workout

Great temps today. Let's take advantage. 

Wednesday workout mania

Recovery Day!!!!!!

Oiler Invite lineup

Please check to see what you are doing

Defiance meet information.

Click here to find more info about Defiance meet. GPS address for those following the Tigers is 701 N. Clinton St. but it will not take you to the athletic center. If you put in Defiance College George M. Smart Athletic Center it will take you to the door. Athletes please look at the link for what you should pack and what you can expect at an indoor meet. 

Line-up for Friday's meet at Findlay

This is a last chance qualifier so our people in the top 35 are the first priority. I put our entries on 30 minutes after the window opened and by 2:00 all events except High jump were closed on the boys side and all but 3 were closed on the girls side. I have posted the time schedule and entry limits for all to see. We will leave right at 3:10 because girls high jump will begin at 4:45. See the posted time schedule for the rest of your events. I tried to get everyone in one event at least.

Tuesday Workout

Today's workout. Check remind to see if we are in or out. 

Findlay performance list is now posted

Please click the link on the left that says Performance lists to see this weekend list of entries. 

Championship T-shirts are here.


Each athlete on our championship rosters (HS Boys and JH Girls) is entitled to a free T-shirt. The store is at this link. Extras and your name on the back will need to be paid for. Details are at this website. 




Follow the Tigers!!!!!!

Here are directions to the facility in Defiance. We will post results on our Twitter page. If you do not have Twitter, use our homepage to see the latest updates. We will keep you updated there. There are no live results for this meet. We will post as we go. Go Tigers!!!

Wapakoneta splits

No practice tonight. We have a JH meet on Thursday. I will post workers on Wednesday. 

Big Day for Tigers at Dave Wottle Open

TIgers have a big day at BG on Sunday. Click read more to read all about it. 

Split times from Saturday's meet at Findlay

We have some improvement going on. Keep working at getting better. 

Thursday workout

Be sure to ask any info needed for tomorrow night's meet today at practice. If we have school delays or cancellations, please check remind and the website to see the status of our trip. We will know by noon one way or the other. It is about time to show what you know. 

"Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion."

Time schedule for Saturday at Findlay